Poltava Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (UMSA)

 Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy - a leading state university to prepare physicians, including dentists. Located in the city of Poltava.

Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy  VDNZU "UMSA"
Latin name Ukrayinska medychna stomatologichna akademiya motto
Latin. Ne discere cessa

Founded in 1921

accreditation level  IV

Rector  Zhdan Vyacheslav
Students 3627
Doctors of Science 86
Professors 69


History of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy starts in odontology department created the Kharkiv Medical Academy in 1921 In 1931 the department was reorganized in Kharkov Institute of Dentistry, which in 1967 was moved to Poltava. In April 1994, Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute is accredited fully by the IV level of accreditation. Resolution of the Cabinet of 29.08. 1994 "On improving the network of higher education institutions" established the Institute Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

According to the IAC from 30.06 in 1994, number 12, etc. Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy is accredited by the IV level of validity of the certificate until 01.07. 2004
In 2004 was held re-accreditation examination UMSA generally at level IV and re-accreditation letsenziyna expertise and training. On the basis of these checks DAK Ukraine from 13.04.2004, the decision (Prov. number 50) recognized the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy is accredited by the status of the higher education institution and level IV issued a license for up to 01.07. 2009

In 2005 was held re-licensing of specialty "Pediatrics", the results of which received a license AB № 048841 valid since 22.06.2006 till 01.07.2011 for specialist training in this specialty volume 100.

According to the order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 28.03.2005, № 133 changed the name "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy" to "higher state educational establishment of Ukraine" Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy ". In connection with this License series AB № 122122 replaced by a license series AB № 048497.

Based on the decision of State of 24.04.2007r. Education of Ukraine issued a license series AB № 328558 on training foreign citizens baseline accredited "Medicine" in the field: 5.1100102 "Nursing" - 50 persons 6.110110 "Nursing" - 20 people, "orthopedic dentistry" - 80 people. The term of the license - 24.04.2012, the

In 2008 received a license to prepare young professionals with specialty 5.12020401 "pharmacy" - 100. The term of the license - 01.07.2013

Due to the expiration of the certificate and a license for the provision of educational services (01.07.2009) and in accordance with the legislation in force in the period from 24.11. on 29.11.2008, were conducted regular accreditation examination training specialists VDNZU UMSA and licensing expertise to provide educational services (MES orders of Ukraine from 28.10.2008, the number number 2361l, 2362l and on 17.11.2008, the number number 2416l, 2417l) .

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